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Your Societe Generale bank
has a new name and new color

And a well-known address

We have become a part of OTP Group, one of the most dominant
financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, and by this
we continue building recognizable quality relations with you!

As OTP banka, we will now invest even more in innovative approach, growth
and development of products and services. We will continue growing together,
supporting your plans and providing you with financial security, with a new logo,
name, colors, while the well-known products, branches and faces remain the same.

Please read below about what this good news means for you:


Am I, as a client, required to take some action and visit a branch?

No, you do not have to visit our branch for this reason, yet our doors are always open for you.


Will my account number, account package and payment card change?

No! Your account number and account package remain the same, and you can continue using your card until its expiry date.


Do these changes affect my loan?

No. Your loan is not subject to changes and its terms remain as previously agreed.


Am I still a client of the same branch and is my personal banker still the same?

Your bank’s branches are located at the same address, and that is where your personal bankers are waiting for you.

You can find more useful information with a single click:


Which ATMs should I use for cash withdrawals without paying fees in Serbia?

All Societe Generale ATMs for costless cash withdrawals with your debit card remain on the well-known locations, but with new colors and the name of OTP banka. As an additional benefit, from now on you have at your disposal a wide network of more than 300 ATMs because now you can withdraw cash without fees with your debit card on ATMs of Vojvodjanska banka as well, which is also member of OTP Group.

What will my e/m banking applications look like?

Your e/m banking applications have well-known functionalities, a new name and new colors. Until the given dates you can use current Societe Generale applications.
From the given dates you would be required to update the applications.

Do services and products remain the same?

Services and products remain the same for natural persons and legal entities and you can see them on our website:

What about my savings?

The terms remain the same and your savings safe with the same interest rate.

How will payments with Masterata card work?

Masterata maintains the same terms, rates and benefits, and thanks to your Bank the number of its partners accepting purchases with interest-free installments continues to grow.

Can I still get discounts and other benefits from the SoGe World?

The SoGe World is now World of Discounts, which means it has a new name, discounts and benefits, while the number of discount partners will be increasing.

Do these changes affect my checks?

Your checks are still valid and you can use them in the same way as before.

Will I continue to receive SMS, Viber and e-mail notifications?

Of course, but from now on, e-mails and messages will be sent to you by OTP banka Srbija.

Is your e-mail address still the same?

Your Bank has new e-mail addresses with the extension, while the old e-mail addresses will still be available for some time.

Will your website’s e-mail address change?

Your Bank’s e-mail address is now where, among other information, you can check out how OTP banka looks like on social networks as well.

Will the changes affect Sogelease's clients and partners?

No. Your leasing company retains the existing agreements and continues to operate as OTP Leasing Srbija d.o.o.

What about clients and partners of Societe Generale Insurance?

There will be no changes, as the insurance company already has a contract with you, and it only changed its name to OTP Osiguranje ADO Beograd.

Which banks in Serbia are today part of the OTP Group?

OTP Group is present in Serbia through two banks in its ownership:
  • OTP banka Srbija, headquartered in Belgrade, which was previously in business under the name of Societe Generale until September,
  • Vojvođanska banka, which integrated with the previous OTP bank in April, headquartered in Novi Sad.

Should I as a client of the previous OTP bank, which was in business under that name until April, undertake any steps?

No, all clients of the previous OTP bank, headquartered in Novi Sad, are now Vojvodjanska bank clients and should refer to their bank for any information needed through contacts on the bank’s official webpage:

What is the relationship between OTP banka Srbija and Vojvodjanska Banka at this moment?

Until the merger planned for 2021, OTP banka Srbija and Vojvodjanska Banka will operate as separate legal entities, although both are part of the OTP Group. Following the expected merger, the Bank will become one of the leaders in the Serbian financial market, whose strength will provide new opportunities for our clients, employees and the local community. You will be notified of all these changes in a timely manner.

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