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Mastercard® Gold

Mastercard® Gold debit card with contactless payment technology allows you easy payments and cash withdrawal at all ATMs – in the country and abroad and additional benefits as well.

The card features

Have a look at the possibilities offered by the debit card:


Mastercard® Gold can be issued at your specific request also within our account package and Praktik services. Discount on monthly maintenance, e-banking, m-banking are just a part of the package. If you use our Mastercard® Gold card  for payments this package can be even 0 RSD! Find out more Account Packages. If you don’t have Praktik package, have a look how you can get it at the page Account Packages.

Things you should know
  • All debit Mastercard® cards have contactless payment technology. For contactless transactions up to 3000 RSD PIN is not required, while for the amounts over 3000 RSD you have to enter the PIN. The first transaction with the card must be the standard one – with entering the card to a terminal and entering PIN code (it does not have to be payment, it can be checking the balance statement at an ATM).
  • All users of the payment cards issued in our bank are allowed to use  free 3D Secure service that additionally secures card payments by internet. Find out more.
  • If you use your Mastercard® Gold card abroad or for online payments in foreign currency, you only need to have enough money on your EUR current account. If the transaction is made abroad in a currency other than EUR, the Mastercard exchange rate for conversion into EUR shall apply.

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