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We are distinguished for teamwork, focus on improving the customer experience with an emphasis on service and modern technological innovation, a relationship based on trust and respect and contribution to responsible and efficient operations.



As we are always attentive to what clients expect from us as their house of finance, experience tells us that a responsible, reliable and solid partner is an everyday necessity.

Therefore, as OTP Group, which ranks among top European banking groups by capital and liquidity, we confidently provide clients conditions for stable business and growth.



Our strategy is based on elements that clients appreciate the most: stability, profitability, growth and innovation. We strive to be better and different in order to contribute to the business success of our clients and of our own. Our transparent team work fosters a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


Close to 36.000 employees across the region take the credit for OTP Group’s success in retail and corporate businesses. Cutting-edge solutions, information technologies and adjustable product offer, coupled with our human potential, make our Group a true partner. Our 70-year experience and proper understanding of needs and objectives have made us well deserve the 18.5 million clients that we now serve.


Total assets of OTP Group today amount to 45.4 bln euros, with the highest profitability rate among European banking groups at the end of 2018. Profit increased by 15 percent and the contribution of foreign subsidiaries rose by 38 percent. The Group capital equals 5.7 bln euros and its return on equity amounts to 19.1 percent. Thanks to our credit offers created in a favorable economic environment, net crediting rose by 15 percent since last year.


In addition to Hungary, our network of subsidiaries stretches across these 10 countries of the region: Albania (OTP Bank Albania), Bulgaria (DSK Bank, Expressbank), Croatia (OTP banka Hrvatska), Moldova (Mobiasbanca), Romania (OTP Banka Romania), Serbia (Vojvodjanska Banka), Slovakia (OTP Banka Slovensko), Ukraine (CISC OTP Bank), Montenegro (Crnogorska komercijalna banka) and Russia (OAO OTP Bank).

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